Where do you source your beef from?

We have traveled the world in search of great beef and throughout our travels we have learned one indisputable fact, beef that is reared properly and processed properly tastes better. we have preferred plants in Canada, the USA, Australia and across Europe. From grain finished to pasture raised. Angus to longhorn we are all about flavour, our producers grow for consistency and taste not commodity. Family run ranches and non hormone (NHTC) or Antibiotic free (ABF) are our core products. 

How are the animals processed?

Not only do we insist on ethical and sustainable growing but we make sure that harvesting takes place in the most ethical of ways, plants designed by famed Cattle Whisperer Temple Grandin are key to the quality of our beef. Kosher, Halal and standard operations have all been vetted by our team to ensure animal welfare is paramount. It also results in better beef so we stick to our principles. 

How does it get to me?

Depending on the quantity, location and timing, we use internationally recognized shippers and clearing agents around the world to make sure you get your product in perfect condition. 

​How do I age it? 
We offer a completely unique service by which we can support any kind of aging structure you want toachieve, small batch dry aged? large scale aging with unique feature. Wet aging, room design, airflow maximization, we leave nothing to chance and make sure you are storing your products for optimal shelf life and to bring out the best in your beef. Not only does proper aging maximize the flavour of your beef but losses from over drying, trimming and spoilage gets expensive quick, we show ways to make sure losses are minimizes and profits exceeded.

 How do I cook it?

From over 30 years of experience and versatile in many ways we will make sure you are treating the beef with the utmost respect. Not only is it one of the most expensive items on any menu it is often the most difficult to cook right. We want to make sure that your customers are getting what they pay for,  a great steak and the right price. 

We are in delicate and important times within the global beef marketplace. Forces of nature, currency, weather and a whole host of issues can make the average consumer think twice about beef for dinner. That is why we take a completely new approach to delivering steak it is a fundamentally unique way of looking at the center of the plate. We answer the questions and address the concerns you and your customers may have and make sure you can be proud of every piece of meat.