Education is fundamental to all we do 

We have done events for various organisations and international food shows 

  • USMEF Training (World wide) 
  • Gastreet International (Socchi) 
  • Restart international (Kiev)
  • Goodman Beef Symposium (London)
  • Restaurant training (Malaysia, Bangkok, London, Sweden, Amman 

From events in London, Amman, Beirut, Prague, Stockholm, Dusseldorf, Riga and beyond. Our philosophy is 'the more you understand, the better you cook' the goal of our educational program is to enrich the lives of Sales Personnel, Chefs, Cooks and everyone in the food chain, so that they can fully understand the product they are selling, cooking and serving. Information/knowledge is power and is the single most important factor when driving sales in every sense on the word, the salesperson who is selling to a chef, the chef who instructs a cook and the waiter who are selling the product, the better the understanding the better the chance of an effective sale. 


From genetic selection to dry aging and everything in between we aim to educate consumers on the fundamentals of cattle rearing, feeding, harvesting, aging and cooking. The center of the plate is the key and by understanding beef we become better at respecting the sacrifice that is made for our benefit. 


Tanks, holding systems and cooking methods. Keeping live lobsters is not only a huge draw for customers but the biology, water quality and parameters of suitable environments is critical to its success.