homarus americanus.

A remarkable increase in the demand for lobster has led us to develop and install custom lobster holding tanks around the world. With live lobster as with all our products we choose those which are fished responsibly from well managed waters under the strictest of conditions ensure animal welfare is a top priority. 

The growing demand for lobster is a trend no operator can ignore. properly sourced and held live, lobsters can add a huge impact on the dining experience. Lobster tanks used to be large and difficult to operate, but through years of research and development we have come up with a highly versatile and user friendly combination to make to storing and serving of live lobster a simple operation. 

There is always a need for training but with our hands on approach and easy to understand training methods we can ensure proper function and health of the system. 

We design and build systems based on your requirements, both retail and wholesale storage solutions are conceived and built for long lasting and quality operation.