• What kinds of experience do you have?

From hotels, restaurants, catering, QSR, brand development. If you can cook it we've pretty much cooked it. If you need it built we have probably built it before. 

  • Where do you work?

We contract around the globe, we have worked across 4 continents and the Caribbean. We are sensitive to local tastes, traditions and cultural dietary requirements 

  • How much does it cost?

A great deal less than the wrong choice. Our rates are clear and concise and there are no hidden fees anywhere. We are result driven and ensure you get value for your money. Get in touch and lets figure out what you need and how to get there. 

  • Do you guarantee your work?

​Our goal is your goal=growth. If your not happy neither are we.  We pride ourselves on our reputation and if we can't do it... it can't be done 

  • How do you cook the perfect steak?

This is a great method but send us a note and well get some information to you. 

  • How do you ship/transport?

Depending on the product/equipment required we use, sea freight, air, rail and overland. If you need it fast no problems we will get it to you fast!

  • Do you do Halal? Kosher? Vegan? Vegetarian?

We do what you want. While we may focus on protein, it is definitely not all we do, dietary, religious requirements are only a challenge not an obstacle. 

Frequently asked questions